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These are commonly asked question by my patients. If you have further questions or want to make an appointment for a FREE consultation, please call or email my office.
All consultations and treatments are done by a board-certified vascular surgeon.

1)  What is the cost of treatment?
Treatments are $350 to $450, depending on exactly what is required. The initial consultation is FREE.

2)  How many treatments are needed?
Depending on the extent of the problem, it may take from two to 10 treatments. Each treatment consists of 20-30 injections.

3)  What about hospitalization?
This is a simple office procedure requiring approximately 15 minutes per treatment.

4)  Is the treatment painful?
Some bruising may be experienced, but there usually is minimal pain.

5)  Are bandages used?
Only little cotton balls are used and should be removed two hours after treatment.

6)  Can treated veins return?
The treated veins disappear permanently, but it is possible for new varicose or “spider” veins to appear.

7)  Does treatment cause any disability?
Normal activities, including all forms of exercise, can be resumed immediately after treatment.

8)  Are special tests needed during the treatment period?
Sometimes painless non-invasive tests performed in our office, may be required to thoroughly examine the affected venous system.

9)  How about follow-up visits after treatment is finished?
Follow-up visits once or twice a year are recommended to check for new varicose or “spider” veins.

10)  How long does it take for the veins to disappear?
The injected veins begin to fade in two to 3 weeks, and should be gone in two to 3 months.

11)  How about support hose?
Support hose are recommended for anyone suffering from venous congestion, in particular from standing for long periods. The Sigvaris brand is especially recommended.

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